Job Description

Term of Reference

Organization/Agency: CARE International/Somali NGO Consortium

Consultancy Assignment: Finance, Grants and Risk Management

Assignment Location: Mogadishu, Hargeisa, and Garowe

Reporting To: Somali NGO Consortium 

Possible start date: 1st October 2022


The Somalia NGO Consortium (SNC) is a membership organisation of national and international NGOs that work together to create an enabling environment for the efficient and effective delivery of humanitarian and development assistance to Somali people. The operating environment in Somalia is highly challenging and complex, due to continuing conflict, lack of, weak or contested governance, high levels of criminality and restricted humanitarian access to populations in need. NGOs continue to encounter both security and operational challenges to their engagement in Somalia and yet have maintained their role of addressing the persistent needs of the communities they work with.

The Consortium continues to facilitate dialogue between member organisations and various stakeholders therefore enabling conducive working environment for member organisations and allowing them to continue assisting Somalis in need. It has offices in Hargeisa,Galmudug, Garowe, Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baidoa and Nairobi. The Consortium currently has over 100 members working across Somalia and Somaliland

In line with its mandate to enhance financial accountability and competitiveness of its members, SNC wishes to engage the services of an a consultant to conduct financial, Grants and Risk management training for its members.

2.  Main Objectives

The broad objectives of the financial, grants and risk management training will be as follows:

i)     To help NGO leaders and managers make effective and efficient use of resources to achieve objectives and fulfill commitments to stakeholders;

ii)    To help NGOs to be more accountable to donors and other stakeholders;

iii)    To gain the respect and confidence of funding agencies, partners and beneficiaries

iv)   To give the advantage in competition for increasingly scarce resources

v)    To help NGOs prepare themselves for long-term financial sustainability.

vi)   Strategies to manage and mitigate risks

To achieve the above objectives, SNC would like to engage a consultant to deliver financial, grant and risk management training, covering as a minimum the following areas:

Financial Management Topics.

1.    Financial management for NGOs

2.    Financial planning and Budgeting.

3.    Understanding accounts

4.    Financial reports

5.    Safeguarding your assets

6.    Managing audit

Grant Management Topics.

1.    Grant Management Overview

2.    Introduction to four phases of grant management

3.    Contract Review and Negotiation with Donors

4.    Grant Implementation

5.    Grant Monitoring and Reporting

6.    Grant Closing

Risk Management Topics.

1.   General Overview of Risk

2.  Risk Management Planning

3.  Risk Management Cycle

4.  Risk Identification

5.  Risk Assessment

6.  Risk Response

7.  Risk Monitoring, Control and Reporting

3.    Scope of Work

The engaged firm will deliver the financial, grant and risk training for the members of the SNC.

4.  Time Schedule

The financial, grants and risk management physical training is expected to be conducted between 1st October -12th October in Hargeisa, Garowe and Mogadishu.

Expected Outputs


The assigned representatives from the engaged consultant will report to CARE/SNC


Based on this terms of references, the engaged consultant will create content for the training, have the content approved by the CARE/SNC, and with the help of not more than two trainers will deliver the training.

The training will be for an average of 30 participants mainly comprising of finance and non-finance staff. The training will include:

i)     A two (days) training at Hargeisa, Garowe, and Mogadishu for 30 participants per day using the same content/materials for both locations. The trainings will be conducted different dates for both locations. Venue will be prepared and organized by the SNC;

ii)    Training programs prepared by the engaged consultant

iii)   Training course materials in simple English prepared by the engaged consultant

iv)   Training report after the end of the assignment

Skills and Qualifications

The engaged consultant must meet the following qualifications to be considered:

1.   Registration

o    Business Registration Certificate

o    Copy of valid Registration as Certified Public Accountant or ACCA


o    Proof of Compliance vide a Copy of Certificate of Good Standing from a Professional Body of Accountants

2.    Experience Statement of the consultant

o    A history of the firms experience providing similar services to not for profit organisations/International NGOs and NGOs in East Africa

3.    Overall proposal costs

o    A proposed fee structure for the service including standard billing of all personnel expected to be assigned to the engagement. Although the proposed fees will be taken into account the organisation reserves the right to negotiate a lower or different fee during the offer process

4.    On the cover page of your proposal please include the following:

o    The responsible contact person

o    Telephone and email address of individuals working on the organisation’s proposal

o    The mailing address of the firms/Lead Consultant

5.    Engagement staffing and methodology

o    Identify the partner, manager/person in charge who will be assigned to work with us should your bid be successful and provide CVs of each staff

SNC Reserves the Right to reject any and all proposals submitted. Only shortlisted consultant will be contacted.

How to apply

Deadline for proposal submissions is on or before 1700 Hrs (GMT+3) 27Th September 2022.

Kindly submit your financial and technical proposals, as separate attachments in one email on or before the due date to: