We have 31 job vacancies right now!

Date Company Job Vacancy City Category
11/15/2018 Program Officer (CCCM) Kismayo Program/Project Management
11/15/2018 Finance Assistant Hargeisa Administration/Finance
11/15/2018 Finance Assistant, GS5, CSR Mogadishu, Somalia Post#105595 Mogadishu Administration/Finance
11/15/2018 Project Officer-Galkacyo Baidoa Program/Project Management
11/15/2018 ICT TECHNICAL SPECIALIST - KISMAYO Kismayo Information and Communications Technology
11/15/2018 Sewerage and Drainage Engineer Baidoa Program/Project Management
11/15/2018 Logistics and Procurement Assistant Baidoa Logistics/Procurement
11/14/2018 Case Management Coordinator Baidoa Program/Project Management
11/14/2018 Grants Management Specialist - Donor Relations/Grants Management
11/14/2018 Education Team Leader Garowe Program/Project Management
11/14/2018 OUTCOME ASSESSMENT SURVEY CONSULTANCY Burao Monitoring and Evaluation
11/13/2018 WPE Response Officer - Dhusamareb - Monitoring and Evaluation
11/11/2018 PROGRAM OFFICER Garowe Program/Project Management
11/11/2018 PROJECT MANAGER Garowe Program/Project Management
11/10/2018 SENIOR PROGRAM OFFICER Garowe Program/Project Management
11/9/2018 Experience and Qualifications of the Team Leader - Program/Project Management
11/8/2018 Program Logistics Assistant,GS5,Mogadishu, CSR, Post#0082904 Mogadishu Program/Project Management
11/8/2018 Experience and Qualifications of the individual Third-Party Monitors - Monitoring and Evaluation
11/8/2018 Experience and Qualifications of the Project Manager - Program/Project Management
11/6/2018 Consultants Required to Help Identify Suitable Partner NGOs - Program/Project Management
11/2/2018 Project Manager - Program/Project Management
11/2/2018 Deputy Director, Education Program Quality Garowe Program/Project Management
10/30/2018 Programme Coordinator Durable Solutions - Somalia Baidoa Program/Project Management
10/29/2018 REACH Assessment Officer - Somalia Hargeisa Monitoring and Evaluation
10/26/2018 Third Party Monitoring (TPM) - Project Director, Mogadishu Somalia Mogadishu Monitoring and Evaluation
10/25/2018 Head of Support Services Mogadishu Administration/Finance
10/3/2018 Consortium Coordinator Somalia - Program/Project Management
7/23/2018 Camp Coordination and Camp Management Relocation Field Assistant - Re advertised Baidoa Program/Project Management
5/4/2018 COUNTRY COORDINATOR IN SOMALIA Mogadishu, Somalia; Hargeisa, Somaliland; Nairobi, Kenya Administration/Finance
8/22/2017 Gender Balance Recruitment Initiative - Administration/Finance
8/22/2017 Gender Balance Recruitment Initiative Somalia Administration/Finance