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THET is a specialist global health organisation that educates, trains and supports health workers through global health partnerships, strengthening health systems and enabling people in low and middle income countries to access essential healthcare. THET takes an integrated approach to Human Resources for Health and works at three levels:

Individual - working with health workers

Organisational - working with Civil society organisations, health training institutions and others

Institutional - working with Government and regulatory bodies

THET runs health system and health workforce strengthening programmes in Ethiopia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Somaliland/ Somalia, Uganda Zambia, and under the Health Partnership Scheme, has provided training, advice and grant support to more than 200 UK and overseas hospitals, universities and professional associations working in partnership across 29 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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The Somalia/ Somaliland Country Director is the lead for THET in country and is responsible for leading and growing an ambitious country programme that responds to local Human Resources for Health priorities by drawing on THET`s unique expertise and experience. This post is responsible for developing and delivering the Somalia/ Somaliland Country Strategy and ensuring that the organisation is effectively run and that the team is supported and managed to achieve their full potential.

Main duties and responsibilities

Strategic Leadership and Representation*

Lead on development of vision and the development and delivery of the Somalia/ Somaliland Country strategy in line with THET`s values, purpose and overall organisational strategy

Participate and contribute to THET international strategy development and direction

Ensure staff are continuously engaged and aligned with THET`s vision, mission, values, and strategic direction

Provide regular, consistent updates on political, social and economic context to enable THET programmes to function as effectively as possible

2. Programme Management, Quality, Monitoring and Learning

Ensure quality delivery, monitoring and assessment of THET Somalia/ Somaliland programmes, management of grants and agreed objectives

Ensure accountability to THET donors, partners, and other stakeholders in line with agreed strategy and grant agreements

Effectively implement planning and review systems to ensure delivery against plans, including appropriate internal and external reporting and monitoring
Ensure management and development of high-quality partnerships as appropriate to support programme delivery, including the formalising of such arrangements through MOUs, annual plans etc.

Review reports produced by staff to ensure accurate monitoring and management and to inform decision making

Ensure that effective MEL systems and processes are in place, with the appropriate planning and review to enable the impact, value for money and other metrics to be effectively captured and disseminated

3. New Business Development

Ensure the country programme is secured with adequate funding to achieve its strategic objectives and targets in Somalia/ Somaliland.

Deliver the organisational resource mobilisation/income generation plans in Somalia/ Somaliland. This will include donor and key partner relationship building, identifying and assessing new business opportunities, prioritising opportunities, developing concepts and proposals and finalising new grant agreements

Assess and respond to a changing external/donor environment

4. External Engagement, Communication and Representation

Plan and lead profile-raising of THET and networking with key people/bodies which includes representing THET externally to all parties in Somalia/ Somaliland and regionally as relevant.

Build effective relations with national authorities, partners and other stakeholders.

Facilitate high standards of coordination and communication of THET`s profile, activities and programmes, internally and externally

Ensure the opportunities at high level meetings and conferences are maximised exploiting opportunities as speakers/contributors and for networking opportunities

5. Operations and Financial Management

Be accountable for and manage the Country Office, including personnel, financial management, procurement, reporting and other responsibilities in accordance with THET procedures and regulations
Oversee development, and support the regular review, of operational policies and processes such as security, HR, logistics, and finances to ensure quality programme management and staff and volunteers` well-being.
Ensure efficient, effective and cost-effective admin and logistics procedures in place
Ensure legal compliance in all areas (NGO, tax, employment, health and safety, insurance and internal requirements), including proper registration and legal status of the organisation and any international staff/ volunteers registration with government agencies as needed
Be accountable for developing and managing the country budget, ensuring careful financial management and that expenditure is within income levels.
Be accountable for the organisational resources and assets, ensuring financial controls and cost effectiveness is in place
Be accountable at country level for emergency, security and risk management, developing a plan and ensuring staff and volunteer awareness and compliance.
Act as security focal point for liaison with THET`s UK Head Office and ensure that there are effective security policies in place for all staff and volunteers

6. People Leadership and Management

Oversee and support the work of all office staff, ensuring effective liaison with THET`s UK Head Office and ensuring that policies and practices (ways of working) are in line with country and THET standards and requirements, and ensuring full staff awareness of them.
Ensure team motivation and development through training, coaching and mentoring
Ensure promotion of teamwork and team spirit to enhance healthy relationship and programme output.
Ensure office has an effective and efficient employee structure in place

Ensure annual performance objectives and learning and development plans are in place for all THET Somalia/ Somaliland staff

7. Volunteer Support

Ensure high standards for volunteer support and duty of care
Encourage a culture of partnership between volunteers and the country office, including feedback mechanisms and adherence to THET standards.

How to apply:
Interested candidates can apply by submitting a cover letter stating why they are interested in this position, what they would bring to the role and demonstrating how they fit the person specification.

This letter should be submitted with a CV to, not later than midnight on Sunday 1st July 2018, UK time.

THET is an equal opportunity employer and any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.