Energy Forum Team Leader


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A Practitioner`s Forum on Investments in Sustainable Energy in Somalia will be held in Mogadishu on the 7th and 8th of November 2017. The Team Leader (TL) is the Chief Coordinator of the Forum representing the Federal Ministry of Energy and Water Resources. In conjunction with office of the Prime Minster, the TL works with a number of United Nations organizations and donors as the focal point for most of contacts and working relationships. The TL`s responsibilities include, coordinating projects and correspondence with UN organizations and donor etc.


Role objective:

The scope of the current assignment as a TL of the Energy Practitioner`s Forum is to lead the coordination, organization, correspondence, document development, reporting and general administrative work of the Forum. In general, the TL will be fully immersed in the day to day activities of delivering the conference with tasks such as translation and document development at the top of the agenda.

Expected output:

The position of the TL with regard to the renewable Practitioner's Forum will entail leading all matters of the conference agenda items and help coordinate the conference.

The TL shall be required to carry out the following tasks:

The TL will compile, draft and review of relevant documents, UN reports, govt. documents that cover the issues associated with climate change and energy in Somalia. He/she will focus on identifying and obtaining documents that are not readily available online but that exist within various sectors.
The TL will work in close consultation with the UNDP to facilitate all the necessary governmental processes needed to support the conference organizing.
The TL will develop documents and other necessary items that will allow the organizing committee to coordinate the conference in a professional and competent manner.
The TL will prepare tools to collect firsthand information from delegates of the forum to obtain sufficient information for the final report for the ministry and the office of the PM.
The TL will facilitate delegations` logistics, accommodation and other day to day tasks.
The TL will prepare report templates for the progress of the forum.
The TL will also prepare and draft final report on the forum.
The TL will have the tasks of producing reports and briefs in both English and Somali languages.
The TL will also be expected to conduct translation from English to Somali and vise-versa.

Final product/Deliverable's:

Information Collection Template - Prepare a template to collect information and notes during the forum.
Consultative conference Report - Produce report with analysis of the workshop proceedings, recommended policy actions and other relevant discussion areas.
Translation - Provide translation services of all documents from Somali to English and English to Somali as requested.
Draft final report - Draft the final report/brief for the chairman.

Project reporting:

This role reports to the Project Manager for Environment and Energy.

Team management:

To be advised.



:§ Bachelor's degree in Engineering, environment, climate change, natural resources management, social sciences, rural development or economic development..

Work experience:

:§ Minimum of 3 years of demonstrable relevant Environment experience.

Geographical experience:

:§ Minimum of 3 years of experience in Africa with local experience in Mogadishu is an advantage.


:§ Fluency in English and Somali are essential.

Key competencies:


The Team Leader shall have a degree in Engineering, environment, climate change, natural resources management, social sciences, rural development or economic development.

Experience and Skills:

The TL will be responsible for the planning and completing the tasks required of him as the chairman of the steering committee and coordinator of the conference. The TL will need to have following expertise:

a) Expertise in analyzing national plans, policies and building cross-sectoral linkages for undertaking the task mentioned in the scope of work.

b) Specialization in analyzing national plans, policies and build cross-sectoral linkages for undertaking the task mentioned in the scope of work.

c) The National Consultant should have good communications and presentation skills as well as excellent English language communication skills (written and spoken) as well as computer literacy.

d) Ability to analyse the root causes of the issues and come up with an implementable set of interventions in the context of climate change impacts in Somalia.

e) Past experience of working with multi-sectoral teams.

f) Sensitivity towards the opinions of the stakeholders/team members, gender mainstreaming, possible institutional partners and Somali communities.

g) Strong presentation, analytical writing and time management skills.

h) experience of effective interaction with policy makers, UN agencies, donors, communities, civil society organisations, private sector etc.

i) Experience of formulating and analyzing multi-dimensional projects in line with UNDP/GEF/LDCF procedures.

j) Ability to communicate in Somali is a must.

Language requirements:

Strong written and spoken English/Somali languages.

Other relevant information:

The TL will monitor and facilitate the forum. The quality of the deliverable's mentioned in the next section will be assessed solely by the UNDP. The consultancy fees would be released as agreed by the UNDP and TL. The payment schedule would be as follows:

Signing of the Contract - 30%.

Completion of research and brief - 30%.

Completion of conference and final report - 30%.

Printed copies in Somali and in English of the conference conclusion brief - 10%.

How to apply:
Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on CTG website as a candidate and apply for this role using the below link